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News around Batam and Indonesia

Indonesians diligently Googling Holiday bonus allowance especially on Ramadan season

Google Indonesia Industry Analyst, Yudistira Adi Nugroho, said the search for holiday bonus stipends or Tunjangan hari raya as in bahasa or THR information shows impatience people get more money to...

Numbers of resident in Sagulung Batu Aji is dwindling due to joblessness

The request for letter of emigration submission in Sagulung sub-district office increased during Ramadan season. The staff of Sagulung Sub-district transfer service, Junita Silaban, said that from...

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or in Indonesian known as KEK will be implemented nation-wide

Special Economic Zone (SEZ) or in Indonesian known at KEK is a region with certain limits covered by region or region to perform economic function and obtain certain facility. KEK is developed...

Privately owned ports will be closed in Batam CIty island

The Coordinating Ministry for the Marine Affairs must immediately communicate to the people of Batam before closing the number of privately owned people's ports in Batam. The people's ports are...

Art Stage Jakarta has announced that it will put off its art fair

Recent security incidents in Indonesia, along with two important occasions the country will be hosting – the Asian Games and the presidential election, are cited as the reasons behind the change of...

Batam City civil services working hours are now reduced due to Ramadhan fasting season

The working hours of civil servants (PNS) are reduced during fasting from an average of 7.5 hours per day to 6.5 hours per day. Public service hours in government offices were reduced. The services...

Batam city government will build 20 newer bus stop

After widening the road, Batam City Government will do further improvement of building 20 Trans-Batam shelters in 2018. Later on every Bus stops will be built with the Malay culture design cues....

Churches were attacked by suicide bomber in Surabaya city

A loud explosion was reported at a Catholic church in Gubeng, Surabaya, East Java on Sunday morning, according to media reports. "Yes, there was an explosion, at around 7 a.m.,” a police officer at...

Will tourism be Batam’s next industry?

Tourism Department (Dispar) of Riau island provincial government noted, during the period of January-March 2018 as many as 597.106 foreign tourists (foreign tourists) came to Riau Islands. The...

Who will actually benefit from the development of Baloi pond in Batam?

Batam Enterprises Agency (BP) has issued a decree (SK) which is intended for land managers in Baloi Pond. The decree instructs land managers to immediately make a masterplan of development on the...

BP Batam exempt Land Right to Acquisition fees to property developer with overdue penalties

The Batam Authority (BP) eliminates the policy requiring the applicant to the Right to Acquisition (IPH) to include the Master Locating Number (PL) number prior to submission in the Land...
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