Mohammad Asri Sapuan (in orange) would lure the boys to his home with money or under the pretext of teaching them Kuda Lumping, a traditional Javanese dance where performers ride on a puppet horse.

Singaporean national received a sentence of 13 years’ imprisonment and a 100 million rupiah (S$9,540) fine for sexual assault in Batam on Thursday (March 8).

The man, Mohammad Asri Sapuan, 46, was found guilty of assaulting three minors in September 2017.

His victims, aged 12, 15 and 16, previously took art courses at Mohammad’s house in Batam.

The parents of one of the children grew suspicious of Mohammad after reading a text message in their child’s cellphone. Following a discussion with their child to find out more information about Mohammad, the parents filed a police report.

He was arrested in October 2017.

Judges found him guilty of violating Article No. 76/2014 on child protection.

He was also found guilty of overstaying his visa while in Batam. The police said his passport was last stamped by the immigration office on Jan 30, 2014.