The tower of view can be used by people and tourists to see the sights of Batam City from a height.

The construction of the new tower is part of the design of the revitalization of the mosque which was once known as the Batam Grand Mosque.

“This year we will start revitalizing the Great Mosque. The design is final, now it is in the stage of auction preparation, “said Head of the Cipta Karya and Spatial Planning (CKTR) Office, Suhar, in Batam Center, Wednesday (2/1).

Revitalization of the mosque is planned to be carried out gradually until 2021. The total budget needed reaches Rp 172 billion. This year the budget prepared is Rp. 17.2 billion.

“If possible, we will try to be completed by 2020, depending on it
budget readiness too, “he said.

Suhar explained, in this revitalization design there will be the addition of four new towers. Three of them are built as high as 65 meters, the same as the existing towers.

Not only the tower, the renovation will also touch the front of the mosque. On the east side of the mosque will be built basement or lower space that can be used for parking. Wudu facilities will also be located at the bottom of the mosque.

“The old former ablution place, next to the main building of the mosque, will be built with additional buildings. The building left and right will be added without changing the main building, “Suhar said.

At the top of the current step, it will be made flat, surrounded by corridors and marble floors. This open space is multifunctional, can be used for prayer or other activities.

source: Batamgo