The Batam City Government (Pemko) again does not budget for maintenance or addition of Internet Parks for 2019.

“After 2018 it is not budgeted, next year there will be no,” said Head of the Communications and Informatics Office (Kominfo) of Batam City, Mr. Salim, yesterday.

The last budgeting carried out in 2017 was around Rp. 27 million. Not intended for all parks, the minimal budget is specifically for some parks that need quick handling. At that time, there were three parks which were repaired, namely Tiban center internet park, Sekupang, hero cemetery park, Batuaji, and internet park near Piayu village office.

Salim revealed, for this to open opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to get involved.

“We have informed the TSP (corporate social responsibility),” he said.

For information, Batam City TSP is chaired by the Panbil Group Bos, Johanes Kennedy.

This private involvement can be by repairing or maintaining existing parks, as well as building new ones such as the Aspiration Park and Datar Madani which are now being developed by the Batam Government.

“CSR will have the opportunity to install logos related to their companies in the locations they build,” he added

Source: Batampos


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