Batam-city island still is a haven for smugglers. Throughout 2017, the Customs and Excise (BC) of Batam manages to report 858 smuggling cases. The figure rose 146 percent if compared with the number of cases in the previous year.

Head of Investigation and prosecution of Batam Customs (P2) BC Batam, Sulaiman, said throughout 2016 they handles 348 cases.

“In 2017 the number becomes doubled,” said Sulaiman in the Office of BC Batam, Thursday (11/1).

Sulaiman explained, as many as 858 cases of prevention throughout 2017 is a case of smuggling through several entry lanes. Start from sea, air, and land.

“It means smuggling in Batam is increasing, and this should be anticipated by synergizing with all parties,” explained Sulaiman.

He detailed, for hand carry items such as smartphone smuggling and ballpress that can be prevented in 2017 itself the number reached 643 enforcement. The smuggling act that can be foiled or prevented BC Batam were as many as 2,315 mobile phone units from various countries entering Batam.

As for the ballpress that contains used clothing and other secondhand goods that can be prevented BC Batam the number reached 1,071 cubic which total estimated value reaches more than Rp 2.9 billion. All these catches are now seized on state-controlled storage (BDN).

Next prevention of smuggling of goods without excise duty such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes conducted BC Batam during 2017 were as many as 127 enforcement or prevention. The captured items are mostly liquors, the amount that can be seized BC Batam for a year reaches 6,506 cans and 1,543 bottles. While the unclean cigarettes are secured as many as 9 million more stems.

Especially for liquors and non-excise cigarettes smuggled into Batam, Sulaiman said the value reached Rp 9.7 billion more.

In addition to foiling smuggling at airports and ports, Customs officers also foiled smuggling act in the middle of the sea. The amount of 59 enforcement with total potential tax losses reached Rp 16.5 billion more.

While the prevention of smuggling drugs such as narcotics conducted BC Batam throughout 2017 as many as 39 cases. The total is worth around Rp 38.9 billion or more. Consists of shabu-shabu as much as 16 kilograms more, ecstasy pills and erimin five reached 399 grains, marijuana as much as 10 grams, and heroin as much as 10 grams.

“So, the total value of smuggled goods that successfully thwarted by customs office of Batam throughout 2017 is Rp 68.1 billion,” explained Sulaiman.

Meanwhile, the total number proof of enforcement (SBP) issued by customs office of Batam throughout 2017, Sulaiman added, rose to 498 with the highest contraband commodity goods through ballpres which reached 371 SBP. Then the taxable goods as much as 126 SBP, followed by electronics reached 111 SBP, and smuggling mobile phone as much as 57 SBP. For locations of prosecution or prevention during 2017, there are 736 SBP comparisons, at airports of 75 SBP, and international ports of passengers and freight ports. While the Head of BC Batam Susila Brata brothers, the performance of state receipt obtained BC Batam during 2017 from the achievement of customs and excise field reached Rp 158.73 billion or more than this Rp 148.03 billion. This achievement reached 107 percent. “We also have import tax revenue of Rp 1.2 trillion,” he said. While in the field of service, granting of exhausting some improvements in terms of service facilities that already provide a representative service space and comfortable, service system trough online service system. “So importers did not need to come to the office of BC Batam for the service of PP FTZ 03 about the customs lump for FTZ. It has been done since November 4, 2017,” said Susila.

In separate note, the Marine Control Commander of the Navy Base (Danlanal) Batam Colonel Laut (E) Iwan Setiawan tong also emphasized that the Batam port area is still quite vulnerable to illegal activities. Smuggling of illegal goods and illicit goods is still attractive by many. It needs an active role of all parties to monitor and eliminate the action, especially by sea. “Actually it’s one of our duties and functions, in the future we will work better,” said Iwan while sailing in Tanjunguncang, Batuaji, Thursday (11/1).

To further succeeding the work program, said Iwan, they already prepared a strategy to improve their team’s strength to get information related to such illegal plans or activities. “Of course it is, of course, the problem of drugs, for example, must be very organized, they know that they must be careful to avoid a security officer,” he said. In addition, continued Iwan, they will also have routine check with container transport vessels or other goods that enter Batam’s area. Any suspicious ship will be directly inspected.


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