Today (Oct8/2016) A tour bus in Batam city island carrying visitors from Ambon a city on eastern Indonesia caught on fire in Sudirman road, Batam centre. The terrifying incident, involving a passenger bus with license plate of BP 7229 DU, is operated by a notable tour and travel agency with inital of “168” in Batam city. Currently the fire & rescue department of Batam city is working hard in putting out the fire incident.

Photos were taken from a local social media in Batam (Oct8/2016)

The accident took place on the slower lane on highway near the police office, where the island’s most important intersection is located. The condition of the affected tourist on board were safely evacuated. The eye witness on local social media reported that the fire started while the bus is on its way carrying 45 passengers without knowing the back side of the bus already caught on fire. The bus itself is not equipped with sufficient fire retardant for immediate response.

The local fire fighter is working hard in putting off the fire under the blazingly heat tuesday afternoon (Oct8/2016)


The affected tourist on board were evacuated safely

The passengers reported that they went from Barelang Bridge on their way back to their hotel around Nagoya, they smell something is burning on the back end of the bus. Due to frantic response, the passengers evacuate the bus with no regard of their luggage and reporting for more than 10 million Rupiah of cash money and other possesions lost on fire. The Bus operator however have no official response yet.



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