Inter-government cooperation initiative between Batam city with Yokohama city is originated by the push of the Government of Japan and Indonesia. The cooperation has started since 2015 ago. But since three years officially signed there is no programs have been realized.

This was disclosed by Executive Director of Development Cooperation, International Affairs Bureau, Toru Hashimoto presents at the Final Workshop for Project for Development of Low-carbon City to City Collaboration. He intends to realize the project that has been surveyed Yokohama Government. In addition to the survey his side also did some things in Batam including sharing knowledge and introducing tech actors.

Back in 2015, the environmental issues became the focus of sister city cooperation between the government of Yokohama, Japan and Batam. After signing MoU with Pemko Batam to become sister city, and with BP Batam for business opportunity, Yokohama representative also held a seminar and business matching in Polytechnic Hall Batam, Wednesday (19/8/2015) morning.

Yokohama City Environmental researcher from Japan, as mentioned by Sudarmanto Budi Nugroho, focus on the amount of industrial waste and households management cooperate with the government of Batam. Sudarmanto Budi Nugroho explained that the arrival of Yokohama’s representatives in the current activities to provide explaining and providing learning to Batam to reduce environmental pollution from carbon dioxide or CO2.

“Now the Technical Mission will be matched and immediately realized,” said Sudarmanto Budi.

Yokohama is also looking for cooperation opportunities to solve environmental problems in Batam. The man who was entrusted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan explained that Indonesia already has a target of reducing carbon dioxide to 26 percent. But with international cooperation is expected to reduce CO2 up to 41 percent.

Everyone can see the failure of such pointless MoU re-newal may come from the lack of skilled personnel on Batam CIty government to negotiate on business prospect and potential leads that may convert into some concrete project. No matter how often they do such pointless meetings, it will amount to nothing if both parties cannot even speak in proper business manner. At the end of the day, Sadly, Batam city will never grow into a prosperous island nation if the city are lacking of Japanese speaking negotiator.





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