Thanks to the Jokowi administration, Indonesian economy and investment sector bear one of the juiciest fruit in Asia. The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) has predicted that the Indonesian banking industry will post a triple double digit growth in 2017.

“The banks’ business plans have still shown some optimism,” he said at the year-end press conference at the OJK office in Jakarta on Friday.

Muliaman further explained that as of November, the banking industry loan grew by 8.46 percent year-on-year (yoy) to Rp 4.29 quadrillion while the third party fund increased by 8.4 percent to Rp 4.73 trillion. He said it was predicted that the non-performing loans (NPL), which had become a problem in 2016, would decrease in 2017. The NPL, which stood at 3.18 percent in the third quarter of 2016, would hopefully decrease to 3.04 percent in the fourth quarter and decline further to 2.76 percent at the end of 2017.

OJK chairman Muliaman Hadad said the amount of the banks’ total assets would grow by 11.28 percent to Rp 7.35 quadrillion (US$547.07 billion) in 2017. The total loan would amount to Rp 4.99 quadrillion, or up by 13.25 percent, while the third party fund would increase by 11.94 percent to Rp 5.3 quadrillion.

Indonesian positive growth despite of slump global economiy however become the most irresistable lure for many venture capitalist from Singapore and people in Batam who seeks the easy way to double their capital.Furthermore, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) will launch a framework and regulation for green bond issuance in Indonesia this year.

“In 2017, the OJK has to have a regulatory product that regulates green bonds,” OJK capital market management director Luthfi Zain Fuadi said on TV .

Indonesian Green bonds are created to fund projects that have positive environmental and/or climate benefits. The plan, therefore, signals significant progress in the establishment of financial markets that support sustainable development. Luthfi said that last year the agency had studied how green bond mechanism could be implemented in Indonesia. However, it still needed to examine the infrastructure readiness of financial market, the benefits of issuing green bonds and what types of projects could be categorized as “green,” he added.

Alas, before all things said and done, Batam-city would like to show you readers, the latest list of 80 sinful corporations and money-making investment in Indonesia who found guilty as charged:

1. PT Cakra Pelita Investa

2. PT East Cape Mining Corporation (ECMC)

3. PT Eka Pioneer Assetindo

4. PT Exist Assetindo

5. PT Glory Golden Indonesia

6. PT Golden Bird (Index Golden Bird)

7. PT Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah

8. PT Gracia Invexindo

9. PT Indoboclub

10. PT Indoglobal Samrey International

11. PT Investasi Mandiri

12. PT Legion Artha Mulia

13. Aset Profit

14. Best Link

15. Bisnis Cermat Anda

16. BJ City

17. Blak Blakan 2

18. BMA21

19. CV Kebun Mas Indonesia

20. Exness Trading

21. PT Global Agro Bisnis (I-gist)

22. Gold Union


24. meabisnis(dot)com

25. IndoFxExpress(dot)com

26. Clash FX

27. FBS

28. Gainscope

29. Global Intergold

30. Bossventure

31. Manusia Membantu Manusia (MMM)

32. Dream for Freedom

33. Wandermind

34. Sama Sama Sejahtera (SSS)

35. PT Hutara Surya Pratiwi

36. PT Golden Mandiri Investama

37. PT Keadilan Semesta

38. PT Mahesa Alam Semesta

39. Ingon

40. Bank Forex Cash (BFC)

41. Iswindo

42. JP5000

43. Kokajang Community

44. KFC Club

45. Mr. Money

46. One Coin

47. PT Buana Kemilau Persada (Mitra Gold)

48. Profit Juara

49. PT Baskara Gold

50. PT Mitra Super Sejahtera Indonesia (MISSI)

51. PT Peresseia Mazeaa Dwisapta Abadi (Primaz)

52. PT Sejati Maju Bersama

53. PT Cakrabuana Suskes Indonesia

54. Indo Success Club

55. PT Alsi Investindo Utama

56. Fa Liang

57. PT Multi Sejahtera

58. Q Net Internasional Ltd

59. PT Sukses Bangun Indonesia

60. PT Crown Indonesia Makmur

61. GNR Coin

62. Platinum Resign

63. PT Alsi Investindo Utama

64. PT Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

65. PT Wein Group

66. Bina Usaha Mitra Sehat Sejahtera (BUMSS)

67. Rapid Gold and Currency Exchange

68. Saranciptaonline

69. Mayagold

70. Ruame

71. Amoeba Internasional

72. Talk Fusion

73. 2 Dollars Clubs

74. Number One Community

75. PT Inti Benua Indonesia

76. PT Compact Sejahtera Group (Compact 500)

77. PT Inlife Indonesia

78. Koperasi Segitiga Bermuda (ProfitWin 77)

79. PT Cipta Multi Bisnis Group

80. PT Mi One Global Indonesia

If you happen to be the victims of that amazing list, we do hope that you are in a good health…

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