Bintan welcomes diplomatic tours of 36 ambasador from around the world in Bintan Lagoon Resort on last weekend (29/7). The allures of Bintan island along with its pristine tourism industry has become a unique destination for eco tourism and leisure tourism as well. The governer of Riau Islands province, Nurdin Basirun, inform the guest of honour that in the near future, the Indonesian government through his term of governancy will also includes Anambas region as well as Natuna to be a part of integrated tourism destination.

Furthermore, the deputy foreign minister of Indonesia also wishes that the integrated “Wonderful Indonesia” tour campaign will boost the local hospitality industry and further develops the surrounding region for better. Indonesia is promoting Bintan as the next best tourist destination after Bali. Bintan is located in eastern neighbouring island of Batam island, which also been promoted for its industrial and leisure tour business. The ceremonial campaign serves as a media to introduce Bintan through diplomatic relations and partnership with frinedly countries. The ocassion also lets the ambassador to enjoy and unwind themselves for the weekend.


The earliest history of Bintan is linked to the history of Nagoya Hills (the region not the mall), which is integral with Batam, near Bintan island and other islands of the Riau archipelago. The Chinese chronicles have mentioned that Batam was inhabited by 231 AD when Singapore island was still called Pulau Ujung (Ujung Island). Bintan came under the control of the Malacca kingdom from the 13th century. Later, the Sultan of Johor ruled from here and his reign lasted till the 18th century. Nowadays many of the resorts are owned by Singapore companies and the island is marketed to cater upscale Singaporeans, eco tourist and golfer from Eastern-Western countries as well. This has led many hotels and shops are steeply priced to Singapore or US dollars. However, Batam-City with the local knowledge have the upperhand to guide you on a blissful and memorable trips within your budget with no string attached of course. Kindly inquire us here for details.


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