Batam Enterprises Agency (BP) is planning the construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) or Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Tanjunguma. The government plans to build seven IPAL scattered in a number of districts to keep the environment and water reservoirs remain healthy.

Head of Waste Management BP Batam, Iyus Rusmana said until recently Batam has only one IPAL in Batam Center with a capacity of 33 liters / sec. That is why to protect the environment from domestic waste pollution, it is necessary to build a number of other WWTP to serve the housing.

“In addition to the Batam Center, this is still the stage of development at WWII Bengkong Sadai. We are also planning the construction of WWTP in Tanjunguma, Sekupang, Tembesi, Telaga Punggur, and Kabil, “said Iyus, Tuesday (29/05/2018).

He explained that for Tanjungal WWTP, it is planned to start in 2020 after the construction of WWTP Bengkong Sadai is completed. Currently there are a number of foreign investors from developed countries who have expressed interest to invest their IPAL development, including from Japan, South Korea and China.

The result of the study that has been done by Tanjungal WWTP is estimated to reach 33.000 m3 / day, bigger compared to Bengkong Sadai WWTP which only 20.000 m3 / day capacity. He said he is currently coordinating with the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) related to the plan.

“If the national development agency approves, BP Batam will soon begin the stages to find investors who want to fund the construction of Tanjunguma IPAL,” he said.