Tang Jiasheng became the first tourist to set foot in Batam in the opening of 2019. This Chinese tourist came to Batam through Batam Center International Port.

The Batam Fast ship carrying Tang arrived at the port at 07.45 WIB. This is the first cruise schedule from Singapore to Batam.

Once past the pier, Tang was greeted by the wasps of kompang and flowers. For the reception, he expressed his gratitude.

“I have been to Batam several times. This is not the first. I’m here for vacation, “he said.

Tang hopes that Batam will be better, more comfortable and friendly for tourists.

Apart from foreign tourists, this first ship also transports Batam residents who return after enjoying a new year’s eve in the land of the Lions. Like Rosita Tamaria Manik who was also welcomed with a flower bouquet with Tang.

Acting Head of Batam City Culture and Tourism Office, Ardiwinata said that the first tourist welcome activity became the annual agenda of the Batam City Government. This event is a form of appreciation for the world of tourism, especially foreign tourists.

“This welcome is to give the impression that we care deeply. As Saptapesona, one of which is comfort, through this reception we hope that the tourists will tell, promote to family, relatives, friends in their country that Batam is a comfortable, friendly, welcome tourist destination for tourists, “said Ardi.

The former Head of Batam’s Public Relations Department said that the City Administration is continuing to improve. Improvement is carried out from all aspects in order to realize Batam as Indonesia’s main tourist destination.

The government is undertaking the construction of tourism supporting infrastructure. And the private sector is expected to continue to improve tourism amenities.

“Regarding attractions, this year we have 114 calendar of events (tourism agenda). And 18 cross border events supported by the Ministry of Tourism, “he said.

source: Batamgo