According to the ministry of education In Indonesia, all citizens must undertake nine years of compulsory education which consists of six years at the elementary level and three in secondary level. This regulation, however, formatted for regular Indonesian which might seem not acceptable for many expat parents. There is concern about the curriculum as well as the kids’ ability to learn, mingles and be accepted within the school itself. Adaptations and immediate changes were never easy, yet moving to Batam with your kids, and not sure where to begin with schooling is the main challenges one might need to tackle in order to achieve a happier life in Batam city island.

Be advised that by publishing this articles, we did not endorse nor support or got stipend or incentives from any parties being mentioned herein. We honestly thought that you guys should be able to settle yourself on this city island with confidence. Remember, if you do find it difficult just call us up and our team of guides will gladly helping you out.

In Batam city island, specific schools do offer international curriculum. If you come from Anglo-saxon countries you have several options, and if you do come from Chinese of Mandarin speaking countries, you are also safe to choose any. However, be advised that cultural school and language class may seem lacking for specific expatriates. Many expats from India, Korea, Scandinavian Europe, mainland China and Japan finds themselves that the only alternatives for their bigger kids were only available in Singapore. However, for your smaller ones, you may want to consider these following school:

Sekolah Charitas Sukajadi

The Sekolah Charitas Batam is one of the oldest private school in Batam city island. Managed by the sisters of Jesuit organization of Roman Catholic church, they provide education from kindergarten all the way to junior high (class 7,8 and 9 or in USA equivalent to ages 11–14). The Catholic shool is also affiliated with another higher education sekolah Yos Sudarso. Located right in the epicenter of Batam (Sukajadi area), the school offer enclosed environment with clean and manicured surrounding. Many couples of mix nationalities often choose the school’s kindergarten as the right place to be for their kids.

Sekolah Charitas Batam
Jln .Kaktus Giwang IA Bukit Indah Sukajadi
Telp. 0778 433017 Email:

Sekolah Global Indo-Asia

The Sekolah Global Indo-Asia is a privately owned and independent co-educational day school that offers an international curriculum for Indonesian Nationals as well as expatriates from preschool through grade ten residing in and around Batam (age 2-18). The language of teaching is both English and Indonesian, with Mandarin being offered as an additional language. Students learn English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science in English. Students at all levels study Art, Music, Physical Education and Information Technology. SGIA teachers and administrators come from Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. SGIA has an enrollment of about 573 students from around 10 countries. Most expat students are Chinese Singaporean and Taiwanese.

Jalan Raya Batam Centre Kav. SGIA
Batam Centre, Batam Island
Tel: +62 778 467 333

International School Batam

The International School Batam (ISB), a smaller school, is located in Batam centre. It was founded in September 1999 by a group of parents and members of the expatriate business community. They follow the British National Curriculum and take students from Prekindergarten to elementary levels. They currently have under 100 students, most Indian expats go to this school.

Kompleks Rosedale Block E No. 123 – 124
Batam Centre, Batam Island
Indonesia 29400
Tel. (62-778) 461-696

Sekolah Djuwita

Sekolah Djuwita follows a curriculum from Singapore and the US. It takes in students from preschool to highschool. The school is equipped with computers & science labs, indoor or outdoor playground equipment; air conditioned classrooms, video surveillance, security personnel, swimming pools & other sports facilities. Most Singaporean and Malaysian expats goes to this school

Playgroup (KB)
Komplek Anggrek Permai
K2- 8
Batam, Indonesia
(0778) 457146

TK (Kindergarten) – SMA (Senior High School)

Komplek Anggrek Mas
Batam Centre
Batam, Indonesia
(0778) 464004

Real Education

REAL Education offers a  playgroup session for children from 2 years to 4 years. .It operates form 7.30 a.m. to 9.30a.m and maids can pick them up when they finish at the play group. The curriculum includes introduction to zoo animals colours and counting.

Komplek Ruko Permata Niaga
Blok C 28, 29, 30 Sukajadi Batam
Tel: (0778) 430208

Again, be advised that our review is independent and we did not have any profits in providing you this information. Feel free to contact them and ask about your children’s enrollment. We honestly thought that you guys should be able to settle yourself on this city island with confidence. Remember, if you do find it difficult just call us up and our team of guides will gladly helping you out.


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