General Head of Bintan Regency Secretariat, Mujiat said, the fire in Bintan Regency on Monday morning was caused by an electrical short circuit. The fire destroyed the general administration space in the economy of the Bintan Regional Secretariat.

“We can say, the cause of the fire incident is an electrical short circuit,” said Mujiat.

The burning location has been emptied. There is a police line stretching in the room. The fire certainly began to spread to the room at 05.00 WIB until 06.00 WIB. In addition to the assistance of the canon water fleet owned by Bintan District Police, internal security was also carried out with fire extinguishers (light extinguishers) installed in several corners of the district government office.

It was confirmed that a number of important documents in the room were saved. “There is no burning document of important documents in the room,” said Mujiat.

However, a number of electronic devices were burned. One of them is a Led and AC television unit. Soft sofa chair in the room. After the fire, staffing activities at the district government office were disturbed a little.



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