To catch Pokemon but the sun is scorching or the rain just keeps on pouring and you can go out to do your usual walk around. The holiday is over and you are spending the whole day in the office or you are just feeling lazy!? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to catch Pokemon without going anywhere at all!

1. Incense

Pokemon Go will give you 2 incense for free at the start of the game just in case you’re still weary of going out of the house and leaving the comforts of having an ultra fast wifi and a roof on top of your head.

You can easily use this incense to lure Pokemons around your area for 30 minutes. The type of Pokemon you can lure depends on your location. If you live near a lake or a beach, most of the Pokemon you’ll get are water types and so on…

These incense you can buy at a Poke Stop using Poke Coins. You can get Poke Coins in doing battles in the gym or using your hard earned cash.

2. Lure Modules

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Another trick is using a Lure Module. However, you have to go to a Poke Stop first.

Well, Poke Stops can be a bar, park, or wherever. So you can just sit back, relax, and probably have your Lure Module on and help another fellow trainer out since this is going to be public, unlike the incense. You can also benefit from their Lure Modules too!

Well since I’m going to be pretty busy in the morning working and I’m too scared to walk around at night, I might use the incense more and take a couple of stops in a Poke Stops just to get a couple of Pokeballs. I will also get that Lure Module effect too. I wouldn’t bother about Gym Battles yet, since I’m still trying to catch up on my Pokemon’s CP.


Are you going to chill at home, busy in campus or office or are you going to take that Pokemon Go exercise walk?



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