President Jokowi rides a notably Kawasaki KLX150 BF SE dirt bike to supervise the construction of the Trans-Papua highway in Jayawijaya district. President Joko Widodo traveled down the seven kilometers long of Wamena – Mamugu 1 route.

“The difficulties can be clearly seen when riding a tall dirt bike,” the President said.

The convoys venture on a track road which is going to be developed in mount Trikora of Papua province. The president is aiming to lower down the shipment costs of each cities in Papua and aiming to built a tarmac road connection to influence the economic growth of Papua.

Jokowi admits that he was faced with a number of difficulties while riding the two-wheeled off-road vehicle. “We’re just riding down the route, imagine the people who are constructing the road.”

Jokowi select the special edition of Kawasaki’s entry level LX150 BF SE dirt bike cost around SGD $3.400.

The government invited the national armed forces (TNI) during the Trans-Papua road construction. The team traveled through Papua’s harsh geographical condition that ascends to 3,200 meters above sea level.

TNI are tasked to handle the initial phase of the construction. The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing will continue to handle the project’s finishing stages.

“I believe that the completion of the project can be accelerated if this duet is maintained,” says Jokowi.

Wamena – Mamugu 1 is one of Trans-Papua routes of the total 4,300 km. The road opening has completed 3,800 km. The government targetted the road to be fully connected by 2019.

Although appear with casual outfit, underneath, Mr.President is padded complete with the necessary dirt biking safety equipment. The president may shed a dim smile, his subordinates however, looks very tiring and not so comfortable to these turn of events.

“We traveled through 287 kilometers from Wamena to Kenyam. There was only 37 kilometers that has been surfaced with asphalt but the project continues to be constructed,” says President Jokowi.

Remember the scene from Mad Max movie?, apparent looks and formation do make a picturesque image for the press to indulge. Despite of the scorching heat, Mr.President seemed enjoying his ride thanks to the amazing Papua’s pristine nature scene nonetheless.


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