One thousand spinning tops will be screened in the Kenduri Seni Melayu (KSM) 2018 event, November. This art performance became the annual agenda of Batam City.

Acting as Head of the Batam City Culture and Tourism Office, Ardiwinata said that the top was chosen because it was a traditional folk game and as a form of efforts to preserve Malay culture. “At the same time also to attract tourists, especially from allied countries,” said Ardi in Batam Center, Wednesday (10/10/2018).

He explained that the 2018 KSM will be attended by participants and visitors from abroad. Like from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and there are already confirmed attendance. Besides gasing or spinning tops, KSM 2018 displays other Malay cultural arts such as poetry, painting, dance, and so on.

“Indonesian artists who sing many Malay songs, Iyeth Bustami will also appear entertaining at 2018 KSM,” he said. Iyeth will be performing on the opening night, which starts at 7:30 p.m. on the Engku Putri Plain. This 2018 KSM will take place four days, Thursday-Saturday (1-4 / 11/2018).

“At the same time there were also Batam entrepreneurial parties held by the Tangan Di Atas community,” he explained. He said this year’s KSM had been held for the 20th time and included in the 100 Wonderful Indonesia tourism calendar.

The cultural festival in Batam shows the typical Malay culture of Riau Islands and the Riau mainland as the homeland of the Malays. Despite the name of the Seni Seni Kenduri but in its implementation not only features Malay art, but also followed by other cultures in Indonesia. The Malay Arts Festival was also attended by participants from neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam.

The Malay-indigenous culture that is always featured at the Malay Arts Festival is Mak Yong’s culture. Mak Yong’s art is rarely displayed in the community, so the Malay Arts Festival or the Malay Arts Festival is one of the ways to preserve Malay culture. In addition to Mak Yong many cultural attractions such as display, poetry as creative, innovative, experimental performing arts. Song Zapin, Dondang Sayang Mambo, Rampak Madani and Lambak dance. In addition, there are also cultural parades from provinces throughout Indonesia.

The purpose of this Malay Art Festival or Malay Art Festival is to preserve Indonesia’s national culture, especially the Malay culture. And of course as a platform to attract both foreign and domestic tourists. So Seni Seni Kenduri as a tourist attraction is also sold by travel agents to attract tourists to Batam especially Malaysia, Singapore and other Asean countries.



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