Over the years, Tripadvisor.com as the largest traveller review websites and advertising agency generate not only cash and subjective reviews but also controversies along the way. Many times, things said and commented by perfect strangers affecting how the reviewed business operates. Banishment and teasing are very common, which generally indicates Tripadvisor’s reputation as a reliable website for business refferal. Oftenly business owners of affected banishment suffer the impact directly due to false accusation or even legal prejudice. Here are the historical timeline of Tripadvisor,com for you who might curious how Tripadvisor conduct their business :

Feb 2000: TripAdvisor founded by Stephen Kaufer. It started off as a portal for professional reviews and official advice. “We also had a button in the very beginning that said visitors add your own review and boy did that just take off,” said Kaufer.

Mar 2004: Purchased by IAC/InterActiveCorp. A year later it grouped together its travel businesses under the Expedia name – including the likes of Expedia.com, Hotels.com and Hotwire.com. It was spun off from Expedia in 2011.

Apr 2009: Chinese site daodao.com launched.

Sep 2010: Becomes the world’s largest travel website, and the first to register 40 million unique visitors in a single month. But doubts grow over the authenticity of its reviews as a group of 400 hotels launch legal action.

Dec 2011: TripAdvisor spun off from Expedia.

Feb 2012: Advertising Standards Authority completes a formal investigation into TripAdvisor. Website ordered to remove “reviews you can trust” slogan and banned from claiming its reviews are from “real” travellers.

Apr 2012: New ties with Facebook allow users to select reviews from “friends” and those in their “social graph”

Apr 2013: Canadian man sued over bad review of hotel in Quebec City.

Sep 2013: TripAdvisor confirms new policy that allows hoteliers to “wipe the slate clean”, removing old reviews, when they renovate or update a property.

May 2014: Italian Competition Authority launches investigation following complaints about “fake” reviews.


Tripadvisor.com has taken many directives in solving these controversial comments and reviews. Tripadvisor.com, which was founded in the U.S. in 2000, places a ‘red flag’ against the names of hotels which it suspects have planted enthusiastic reviews on its website. The flag reveals ‘individuals associated with the property may have interfered with traveller reviews’ and allowing users to see a record of their wrong-doing. Despite of those controversial history of business, TripAdvisor remain the main refferal even for a small business owners who relies on cheap marketing and publications. Batam-City.com is the only agency who not only protect your privacy on having a good time in Batam but also strictly true to mutual respect without being pushy of TripAdvisor comments & review uploads 🙂


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