SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said on Tuesday (May 31) that Singapore “has never disputed Indonesia’s sovereignty over Pulau Manis”, a cluster of islands north of Batam. In a statement issued on Tuesday evening, the ministry said it was “deeply puzzled” by Indonesian reports claiming as such, adding that  Singapore “does not lay claim to the island”.

Earlier that day, Indonesian media outlets such as reported that Singapore had “claimed” Pulau Manis as part of its territory and that parties such as head of the People’s Representative Council Ade Komarudin were urging the government to protect its sovereignty over the island.

The reports were in apparent response to a map uploaded to the website of Funtasy Island, a 30-hectare Singapore-owned eco-resort located at Pulau Manis. The map had highlighted the island in the same colour as Singapore, suggesting that it was part of the Republic. It has since been edited to show Pulau Manis in a different colour.


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