PT Sat Nusapersada’s stock trading (IDX code: PTSN) was temporarily suspended some time ago. Head of the Batam Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Representative Office, Evan Octavinus, said the temporary suspension was due to a significant accumulation of price increases.

He explained that the temporary suspension was carried out in the regular market and cash market. The aim is to provide sufficient time for market participants to consider carefully based on the information available in every investment decision making in PTSN shares.

“Termination is done in the framework of cooling down. Not all of the terminations are due to a problem, “Evan said in an incidental public expose at the Batam IDX Office on Thursday (1/3).

Investor Relations Sat Nusapersada, Smailly Andy said there were a number of things which he said were factors in increasing PTSN share prices. Cooperation with Pegatron at the beginning of December 2018 then boosted the PTSN share price on the IDX.

In 2018 there was a record price increase of 900 percent, from the initial public offering (IPO), which was only Rp 580 per share.

“The Sat Nusapersada share has experienced a decline in its lowest point on March 3, 2016, reaching only Rp 54 per share. Then experiencing the highest point reaching Rp. 1990 on December 28, 2018, in second place after PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi. On October 31, 2018, we released financial statements. The impact of the shares rose 24.8 percent and 24.9 percent, stocks rose for a second day in a row, “Smailly said.

Then on December 3, 2018 information about Pegatron was uploaded through the IDX website. So the next day the shares rose 9.6 percent and 14 percent in the first two days. And coupled with coverage in a number of national media.

“Then the results of our public expose December 18, 2018, informed the construction of factories 12 and 12A. So that some investors speculate on the potential for business growth in 2019, “he said.

According to him, the IDX is reasonable to pay attention to the development of PTSN shares. Until a temporary suspension (suspension) is made of stock trading.

“But only one day suspension is done. After that the trade has re-opened as usual, “he said.

Smailly also explained that since 2016 Sat Nusapersada’s production of smart phones has continued to increase. In 2016 there were 1,171,297 smartphone units produced, then in 2017 it increased to 2,926,647 smartphone units. Furthermore, in 2018 it increased significantly to 11,291,964 units, and 16.39 percent were exported abroad.

PT Sat Nusapersada Tbk President Director Abidin said that in 2019 a general meeting of shareholders (GMS) will be held. The agenda decided whether to distribute cash dividends to shareholders. In addition, the company also plans to release 10 percent of Treasury shares (sellback) in 2019.

The worst is when Stock will be Rise up if Something like this will not change or Same on this year that makes Batam Economis Rising down in Higly Level.




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