Installation of transaction recording or tapping boxes in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues significantly increases the regional original income (PAD) figures from the tax sector. The realization of these three types of taxes is more than the target set in 2018.

“Alhamdulillah, with this tapping box, the achievement of three types of taxes can exceed the target,” said Head of the Regional Tax and Retribution Management Agency (BPPRD), Raja Azmansyah, at Batam Center, Tuesday (1/8).

Based on BPPRD records, the realization of hotel taxes throughout 2018 reached Rp 108.854 billion. Or 101.59 percent of the target of Rp. 107.147 billion.

Then restaurant tax collected Rp. 72,613 billion or 105.85 percent of the target of Rp. 68,600 billion. And entertainment tax of Rp. 31.121 billion or 106.62 percent of the target of Rp. 29.190 billion.

Whereas in 2017, the realization of hotel tax was 92.50 percent with an income of Rp 89.124 billion. Furthermore, restaurant tax reached Rp 58.332 billion or 101.57 percent of the target. And entertainment tax collected Rp 23.806 billion or 96.74 percent of the target.

Until the end of December 2018, there were around 400 tapping boxes installed from a total of 1,600 business places of the three types of taxes. This year the plan is to install 600 additional tapping boxes. In line with that, the government also increased the PAD target from the regional tax sector.

“In 2019, our hotel tax target will increase to Rp. 138.770 billion, restaurant tax Rp. 111.980 billion, and entertainment tax Rp. 40.947 billion,” Azman said.

In addition to hotels, restaurants and entertainment, tapping boxes are also installed in special parking locations that collect parking taxes. But the realization rate has not reached 100 percent like the other three types of taxes.

In 2018, the parking tax collected is IDR 10.978 billion. Or 91.49 percent of the target of Rp 12 billion. But compared to 2017, the figure increased from Rp. 6.9 billion. The parking tax target in 2019 is IDR 13.008 billion.

Some time ago, the Regional Secretary of Batam City, Jefridin said that the parking tax was not achieved due to new rules related to the time of dropping off passengers. In Perda number 3 of 2018 it is stated that the 15-minute drop-off time is not subject to parking fees.

“The far reaching leap. But it hasn’t met the target. Among other things, because the 15-minute rule is not charged, it is very influential. Secondly, from the side of the plan it would be raised to IDR 4,000, but the increase was delayed. While in our estimation, the calculation of the parking tax target has entered these two things, “said Jefridin

source: Batamgo


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