All hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues in Batam City will be fitted with tapping box transaction recording devices starting in 2019. This tool is to support the transparency of tax payments by taxpayers (WP) from the three businesses. Tapping boxes will be installed in hotels and restaurants, the function is to record or capture all transactions that are then printed by the point of sales printer.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) gathered five heads of the Regional Revenue Agency in Riau Province and Riau Islands on Monday (10/22/2018) at the headquarters of Bank Riau Kepri in Pekanbaru.

The five Heads of Regional Revenue Agency present with the Head officer of Batam City Regional Tax and Retribution Management Agency (BP2RD) Raja Azmansyah, the Head officer of Tanjungpinang BP2RD Hj Riany and the Head of BP2RD officer Bintan Yuzet Regency. While the KPK officials who invited were the Region II Sumatra Coordinator of Corrupt Prevention from the KPK, Adlinsyah M Nasution. 

The meeting is intended to build joint commitment to increase hotel and restaurant tax revenues online by installing tapping boxes. For information, tapping boxes are digital transaction recording devices installed by all hotels and restaurants to support the transparency of tax payments by taxpayers and provided by the bank, in this case Bank Riau Kepri which is the government’s partner for regional financial transactions in the Riau and Kepri regions.

With this tapping box, all transactions in each hotel and restaurant, tax and retribution go directly to the regional account in real time at Bank Riau Kepri. In addition to the Bapenda Heads of Batam, Bintan and Tanjungpinang, also attended the Head of Bapenda Pekanbaru City Zulhelmi, the Head of Bapenda of Dumai City Marjoko Santoso.

Through on-line connectivity, the hotel and restaurant tax receipts can be monitored through the installation of Tapping Boxes which later funds directly in real time to each Regional Cash account in Bank Riau Kepri. Batam City targets 1500 tapping box units but 250 units have been realized and the year-end target is 500 units. For Tanjungpinang City, up to the end of 2018, the target of 200 units will be 250 units. While Bintan Regency from the 2018 final target of 200 units will be realized as many as 150 units first.

The city of Pekanbaru aims to install 1000 units of tapping boxes but by the end of 2018 400 units will be realized and 200 units of Dumai City. Adlinsyah said, Bank Riau Kepri as the pride bank of Riau and Riau Islands people had become an example or role model in terms of increasing PAD for regions throughout Indonesia.

This pattern of increased PAD by collecting hotel and restaurant tax revenues online has been applied in Batam City. This attracted the attention of the KPK who hoped that this would be developed in other regions throughout the region. Online hotel and restaurant tax receipts are carried out online, realtime and recorded and this monitor will make it easier for the government to collect local taxes and levies.

In addition, this system is also very fast because it is real time, transparent and can be accounted for very detailed. Also present at the event, KPK RI Prevention Deputy Junet Junaidi and his team and from Bank Riau Kepri. Among them, the Head of the Pekanbaru Branch Yasral Yazid, Pincab Dumai Bobby Ferdian, Pincab Batam Burhan, Tanjungpinang Headquarters Dedi Santika and Pincapem Kijang Musnardi Putra.

Source: Tribunnews


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