The Batam Botanical Garden will be officially inaugurated on the 189th anniversary of Batam, December 18, 2018. Eryudhi Apriadi, Head of the Office of Public Housing, Settlements, and Landscaping of Batam City, said that the KR Batam infrastructure is sufficient to be inaugurated.

“Yesterday the LIPI Deputy of Science had come to review the latest conditions. According to his assessment, it is appropriate to launch, “said Eryudhi at Batam Center, Monday (10/22).

Infrastructure facilities include gates, building management, composting houses, and paranet for nurseries.

“There is also a greenhouse for orchids, water reservoirs, water treatment plants, ring roads, the collection road that this October will be completed,” he said.

Eryudhi said in terms of plants, currently KR Batam already has more than 7,000 trees. A total of 2,000-3,000 of them are collection plants. And the rest of the steering plant.

KR Batam also has two thematic parks. Ie colorful garden and palm garden.

“The management also has a technical implementation unit (UPT). The visitors are also quite worthy of launching. An average of 800 visitors per week, “said the former Secretary of the Culture and Tourism Office.