The Marine Security Agency (Bakamla) captured the KM Tapan Ocean vessel that looted five tons of submarine optical cable in the north of Tanjungberakit, Bintan. The boat crew was caught diving to steal the cable.

“The evidence in the form of a ship, optical cable and two suspects are located at the base of Bakamla at Jembatan 2 Barelang,” said Head of Sub Division of Public Relations Bakamla Major Marine Mardiono, yesterday. KM Tapal Ocean secured Saturday (26/05/2018). After being arrested, the ship was escorted to the base of Bakamla Barelang.

The incident began when the patrol boat Bakamla KM Sea Eel 4806 led by AKBP Captain Nyoto Saptono (Han) is currently on a routine patrol and see the suspicious activity of KM Tapan Ocean.

At the time of the examination, some documents were found to be invalid, such as Letter of Approval Sailing (SPB), document crew list, manifest data, letters, temporary large pass and safety certificate.

“In addition to documents that have expired, the inspection also found optical cable of approximately five tons without the completeness of documents, optical cable cutter, compressor, hose and diving equipment,” he said.