YES another Indonesia cultural pun become the end of the year twitter hits. The Chainsmokers guy finds it intriguing in translating the “om telolet om“.  The trends began when DJ Zedd and DJ Snake asks their follower about this and followed by the renowned EDM musician. So…  actually, “What does om telolet om mean?

The Bus horn hunters are lining up on the roadside…

Christmas and New year are both a public holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated by its people of different religions. During the holiday season just like now, many Indonesian use long distance bus to travel back to their hometown and spend the festives season there. The bus companies oftenly uses their own “horn” signature to differentiate the bus drivers and bus initials. They will have unique sounds and tone which are cosidered fun and amusing especially by the kids who lives alongside the bus rutes. The kids ask the passing by Bus driver to horn their unique Bus’ signature by saying “Om Telolet Om…”

In Bahasa, the word Om = Uncle (literal meaning, kids use this to call adult maledriver), while telolet is a slang for “horns”.

Despite of the boring corruption in politics and Ahok the Jakarta governor’s case,  Indonesian kids definately loves a simple happiness by listening to the Bus horns on the season’s holiday. What will happens if the adults can have the same simple happiness?.




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