Nagoya, also known as Lubuk Baja, is the main town of Batam, Indonesia. Nagoya is the main town of Batam. It is located on Batam Island’s northern peninsula. The local government would like Batam Center to become the center to governmental offices, business and commerce. However, private enterprise has voted for Nagoya. Nagoya is the city center where you can find most hotels, food or entertainment.

It is important to not confuse this city with Nagoya, Japan – they are different places in different areas of the world.


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For clothing check out Batam City Square / Nagoya Hill Mall. Sporting equipment is dominated by golf equipment, which can be found in a large sporting store in Nagoya. Tourist from Singapore love to shop for local products from Hypermart in Nagoya Hill Mall (Here your change less than Rp.100 will be donated without any consent) and Mega Mall. Some favorite grabs includes LAYERS /LAMOIST BATAM Style kue lapis, keropok gonggong (crackers), Indomie (local instant noodles: do not eat too much!), and cheap tidbits.

The oldest Layer cake baker in batam is LAYERS BATAM (2005), who has outlets at BCS Mall, Nagoya Hill Mall, Mega Mall, Kepri mall, Harbour bay ferry terminal an Sekupang Ferry Terminal. Precaution must be exercised as there are currently many other newer baker selling with the name LAYER printed at their shops. Some local shops usually accept Singapore Dollars, because of Batam being very close to Singapore geographically. In any case you need extra cash to shop, you can still exchange your currency at the local money changers which offer competitive rates, or you may use a credit card.