A British man was declared bankrupt after his wife, who is an Indonesian citizen, spent money of 3.5 million pounds sterling or equivalent to Rp 67.7 billion at the gambling table. This Chinese Indonesian woman uses her husband to be in debt in order to fulfill his journey. Even he, who works for a law firm, also gives his father and brother in law a gambling cash.

“Maybe he saw me a soft target,” Forte said as reported by the Daily Star on Monday, April 2, 2018. “But he does not deserve a visa.” Christopher Forte, 36, meets Julia Posman, 38, an Indonesian woman in 2010 before marrying her in 2014.

It all started when she told him that he had some debts worth 2.5 million pounds sterling on two entrepreneurs, hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling to a gambling company, as well as credit card debt. Not only his money, Forte, who is also a language teacher, also borrowed his parents’ money to help his wife repay the debt. Forte claims he has been blinded by love, so that whenever Julia asks for money she will always agree without knowing the purpose of using the money. In fact he had time to give money hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling when his wife asked to make a visa. Yet the visa should not be necessary because he is a native of England. “I am a British citizen, he is my wife, with a few thousand dollars should be able to get a visa, but I am not aware, maybe because of love.

Whenever I wake up, I see him cry and ask for money. “If I find out his purpose, he will be sad and accuse me of not believing him,” said Forte. In April 2016, the man received a debt bill amounting to 2.5 million pounds sterling. He was surprised to find his name placed as a loan guarantor while he did not know anything about it. At that time, his wife was in Indonesia. Julia reveals she gave the money to her brothers and her parents to gamble. During the trial of their divorce case in August last year, the woman agreed to pay off her ex-husband’s debt by installing 1,700 pounds sterling per month. However, until now he has never paid the debt, so that her ex-husband declared bankrupt. Debt to two businessmen was also said to have been abolished following the bankruptcy of Forte.

The man now lives with his brother while the woman lives in a flat near Hove, east of Sussex. “Addicted to bad gambling for destroying households,” Christopher said, as reported by the Daily Mail on April 2, 2018. Although heavily indebted, Julia Posman’s latest upload in social media recently showed she was on vacation in a ski resort in England.


The Guardian




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