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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sight seeing and private tour were both suitable for any ages whereas on specific activities which incudes Go-Kart course are suitable for ages 10 – 70 y.o depend on the dexterity and physical conditions of the body. In general all tour prices are based on a sharing basis with a minimum of two to three participant.


The tour will only be conducted if there are a minimum of three persons sharing the vehicle or activity. If you are a couple then you are charged with the same amount with three participant. For family tour, kindly advise us your number of participant so that our staff can serve you with better accommodation.

However if you book and is the only participant and no other people book the tour or activity on that day and time you will be charged for a private tour and pay with 20% discount from listed price or can be negotiated otherwise.

Kindly respect the local laws and regulation, our staff will help you anyway possible if you let us serve you better. Do not hesitate to communicate your allergic or preferred food or condition beforehand so we could meet or exceed your expectation.

Currently our guide staffs are capable of speaking English, Malay, and Japanese, kindly advise us in advance to meet your preference.


Casual cloth or T Shirt is recommended. Don’t forget to bring change of clothes for wet tours.


Adults : 13 years and above
Children : 5 years to 12 years
Infants : 3 years and under
Family : Up to 2 Adults and 2 children/infants.


We strongly recommend you book in advance, especially during peak periods, such as school holidays. Bookings can be made directly call us by mobile phone at +62 853-6204-6361 or send us an email to: Hellobcstour@gmail.com


All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollar (SGD). We have to collect 50% in advance upon arrival or pick up and prepare all the best tours guide and necessary equipment, the rest can be paid after or can be negotiated otherwise.


The tour program still can be changed into other program without any extra fee during the day of tour. Your schedule shall be communicated by whatsapp to our tour guide staff.


Batam-City.com reserve the right to cancel tours caused by weather conditions, unnatural incidents and will always stay true or can be negotiated otherwise.


The guest is urged to protect his/her investment with travel insurance and all risk is bided by the consent of the guest.


In addition to our everyday special prices Batam-City.com does offer additional discounts coupon for groups of six (6) on joining the same tour at the same time.

As well from time to time various tour/activity companies will sometimes offer a special discount for a particular time period and we pass these savings on to you.

All these and more can be found on our FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/BatamTouristinformation/

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